Service Feature Comparison

Feature Comparison

The table below will help you choose between our three services.

We offer 2 in-house managed services; Professional & Executive, both utilising the expertise and experience of our own team. Our Standard service is a self-managed option, where you run your entire simulated phishing and training strategy using your own resources.

Touch either Standard, Professional or Executive to show the included features.

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Executive
per recipient, per year
per recipient, per year
per recipient, per year
Full Access to the Phishing Tackle Platform
Access to our comprehensive cloud-based security awareness platform
Automated Simulated Phishing Campaigns
Keep your users' phishing defence skills sharp with automated simulated phishing campaigns
Automated Training Courses
Ensure all users are properly trained on how to recognise and avoid cyber threats with automated training courses
Customisable Phishing Templates
Create highly realistic phishing scenarios with fully customisable phishing templates
Customisable Landing Pages
Make phishing simulations even more realistic by fully customising the landing pages
Automated Granular Reports
Stay informed about your organisation's security awareness with automated granular reporting and analytics
Policy Management and Acknowledgement
Enforce and monitor compliance with your organisation's policies with easy management and acknowledgement features
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Ensure that only authorised personnel have access to their required platform features with role-based access control
Automated login using industry-standard OAUTH and SAML 2.0 SSO protocols
Microsoft & Google Sync and Email Delivery
Seamlessly sync recipients from Microsoft 365/Google Workspace, and deliver emails directly to your users' inbox
Theme & Customisation
Easily tailor the platform's appearance to match your company's branding for a seamless user experience
Dedicated CSM Managing Your Service
From expert monthly reviews to fully bespoke campaigns, your CSM handles every level of your service
Dedicated Managed Service Portal
Instantly view all aspects of your managed service from a single portal
Managed Bespoke Phishing Campaigns
Enjoy bespoke phishing campaigns, designed and managed by your dedicated CSM
Managed Bespoke Training Courses
Enjoy bespoke training courses, designed and managed by your dedicated CSM
Managed Bespoke Email Templates
Simulated phishing templates to match your organisation, created by us
Managed Bespoke Landing Pages
Customised landing page templates to match your phishing campaigns, created by us
Managed Bespoke Quiz Creation
We'll test your users' knowledge to ensure they're absorbing and understanding the training
Smishing (SMS Phishing) Campaigns
SMS Phishing simulations ensure your users are tested across multiple attack vectors
Microsoft Teams Integration
Allow your users to complete their training directly within Microsoft Teams
Frictionless Training
Allow your users to login to the platform without an email account
Magic Link Training
Allow your users to login to the platform without access to a computer
US$6.30* US$6.30*
Full access to our Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) ecosphere
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*Prices are based on contract full term payment made in advance, and may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations. 
Minimum charges and T&Cs apply.
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Karl B. (Independently verified)
Karl B. (Independently verified)
Head of Operations
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Quality wins. It's better than it's competitors. The software is easy to use, the managed service just makes our life easier. I've saved so much time!
Paul P. (Independently verified)
Paul P. (Independently verified)
Data Protection Officer
Read More
“I'd give 10 stars if I could!!” Very easy to use, great interactive GUI with a plethora of customisable options for campaigns, training and reports.
Stephen N. (Independently verified)
Stephen N. (Independently verified)
IT Infrastructure Lead
Read More
Feature rich, great SAT platform for us. Great product, excellent onboarding experience and ongoing support. I would highly recommend taking a look at Phishing Tackle.
Gemma C. (Independently verified)
Gemma C. (Independently verified)
Learning & Development Manager
Read More
Customer service second to none! The level of customer support is outstanding and the team are a real pleasure to partner with and nothing is too much trouble!
Andrew R. (Independently verified)
Andrew R. (Independently verified)
Chief Technology Officer
Read More
Great software! This is by far the easiest tool I have seen for increasing a company's security posture. They also have a vast library of prebuilt phishing emails and training connect ready for us to use.
Adam M. (Independently verified)
Adam M. (Independently verified)
Lead Analyst
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Effective and user-friendly simulated phishing platform. The set-up of campaigns is easy and user friendly with a wealth of templates to choose from. Reports are very detailed and provide use-able insight into click-rate trends
Neil J. (Independently verified)
Neil J. (Independently verified)
Head of Technical Assurance
Read More
Phishing Tackle has been instrumental in improving the business's overall ability to identify phishing emails as well as increasing overall security awareness. The managed service approach ensures that the service is very light touch for admin staff.
Alina E. (Independently verified)
Alina E. (Independently verified)
Director of Services
Read More
It is very easy to use, quick training modules, brilliant reports, great customer support. I like everything about it, nothing else to add.
Brian M (Independently verified)
Brian M (Independently verified)
IT Security
Read More
I would highly recommend Phishing Tackle to anyone. We used this platform to help educate our staff on security awareness and help drive behavioural change throughout the organisation. The team at phishing tackle are extremely knowledgeable and supportive.
Roy W. (Independently verified)
Roy W. (Independently verified)
IT Manager
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Overall it has been a revelation to work with the staff at Phishing Tackle, and I am very picky. The help and assistance has been nothing short of excellent. This product was recommended by a well established security company, and it has been well founded.

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