Managed Service

Our managed cyber security & phishing service takes the pressure off you.

Phishing Tackle's managed service is designed as the most efficient way to increase your organisation's cyber awareness, it also happens to be the simplest method for you.

Phishing Tackle mascot wearing n95 mask holding a board saying "Keep Calm and let phishing tackle handle everything"

We know you are pressed for time and resources, we can help

Building a cyber-aware culture within your organisation is not something that happens overnight, we know it takes time, your time. 

We are also aware that not getting around to implementing regular security awareness training and simulated phishing exercises can end up costing your organisation dearly.

Human firewall

With over 90% of all data breaches being linked to end users clicking phishing emails that make it past organisation security, their knowledge is what supports the security of your organisation.

Let us manage it for you

If, like many of our customers, you don’t have the time to plan and organise your security awareness training and simulated phishing tests, that’s absolutely fine, Phishing Tackle can handle everything for you

All we need to do is guide you through some simple questions to quickly build an organisation profile so as to best direct and organise your organisation’s training then we take care of everything.

When we say quickly we really do mean it, once we have your organisation’s profile we can begin your first phishing test the same day! Oh, and building the profile takes about 20 minutes, you can even do it online if you don’t want to talk to us!

Take a look below and join our many customers already enjoying the freedom and security of our managed cyber security and phishing service.