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How Does Our Phishing Platform Software Work

A brief guide to our platform, what it does and how it can help you reduce your risk.

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Our software (we call this the “platform”) is designed to help you identify colleagues within your organisation that cause the largest attack surface.  In other words, who, for example, click the most links or open the most attachments within emails.  This is critical knowledge because these users are the ones most likely to cause a malware infection or a data breach.

The key to acquiring this knowledge is to use our cloud-based service which automatically sends incredibly realistic simulated phishing emails to your colleagues.

We then record very granular information on users’ actions allowing you to quickly (in real-time if necessary) and clearly identify those users putting your organisation most at risk.

Once you have this valuable information on your vulnerable users, you can provide them with the appropriate training material,  which all comes as standard within our platform. 

Our training material ranges from short and concise videos to fully customisable quizzes which you can create to align with your existing process and procedures.

Phishing Tackle’s automated simulated phishing campaigns, coupled with our ever-growing collection of targeted security awareness training material, give your organisation everything it needs to dramatically reduce your attack surface.

Here is what that process looks like

From our extensive library of authentic looking email templates, simulated phishing emails are automatically sent to each user to test their phishing and social engineering awareness. 

These emails can contain links and attachments enticing the users to click, in the same way a malicious actor would.

End-users can receive real-time feedback if they fail a phishing campaign (for example, by clicking a link within an email).

This provides instant feedback relating to the email they just received.

This can be followed by automated targeted training videos and knowledge assessment quizzes.

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All user-interactions with the simulated phishing emails, such as opening emails, opening attachments, replying to emails and entering data into spoof landing pages, are recorded within the platform. 

Extensive reporting detailing, for example, click-prone® percentage and the most vulnerable users, can be produced for management and HR purposes.

Repeat for continuous improvement

Countless studies, and our own experience, really does show that regularly phishing and training your users is an amazingly cost-effective way of reducing your risk. It really does work.

Just performing a single simulated phishing campaign in itself it not good enough so you need to keep doing so on a regular basis.  Every few weeks is ideal and our software makes that process quick and easy for you, so you don’t have to spend precious time creating individual campaigns.

The below graph is what you should expect to see when using our software if you follow our best practices and guidance.

Chart showing user's Click-Prone % decreasing over time