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Learn how many of your users can spot a phishing attack with Phishing Tackle's Free Click-Prone® Test.

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The fastest way to learn the strength of your human firewall, and the size of your cyber attack surface is with simulated phishing.

By sending your users simulated phishing campaigns, you learn immediately where additional training is necessary and your users become more adept at spotting the most widely-used form of cyber attack.

How to use Phishing Tackle's Click-Prone® Test

Sign up for the test

Don't worry, it's entirely automated so you don't need to speak to anybody. You'll receive an email with the link to start your free Click-Prone® Test right away.

Select your email template ​

Think like a hacker. Choose one of several phishing test templates that is most likely to work for your organisation.

Choose what happens when they click

Choose the landing page to suit your test. You could use an informative landing page which immediately alerts the user to the fact they've clicked a simulated phishing email, offering them information on exactly what alarm bells they should have spotted in the email. If you'd prefer not to raise suspicion and just measure the numbers, you can have them directed to a blank 404 page instead.

Compare with your industry peers

See how your Click-Prone® results compare with industry peers that have already undergone security awareness training.

Easily understand your results

Clearly see the results in an easy to understand format, and download a PDF with your Click-prone % and charts to share with management.

Take your free Click-Prone® Test today and be the first to know how secure your organisation is.

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