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Free Phishing Email Test

Learn how many of your users can spot a phishing attack with Phishing Tackle's Free Click-Prone® Test.

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The fastest way to learn the strength of your human firewall is with an email phishing test.

Send your users a phishing simulation test and immediately learn who is a risk to your cyber-security and where additional training is necessary. Follow up with expert Phishing Tackle training and your users will soon be able to spot the most common types of cyber-attack and better protect your business.

How to use Phishing Tackle's free email phishing test

Sign up for the phishing test

Fill in your information above and you'll quickly receive an email with the link to start your free email phishing test. There’s no need to speak to anybody: it’s entirely automated.

Select your email template ​

We have several phishing email templates for you to choose from. Think like a hacker: go for the template that is most likely to work for your organisation.

Choose what happens when someone clicks

Next, choose a landing page template that will suit your test purpose. You could use an informative page that immediately alerts the user and lets them know they've clicked on a simulated phishing email. You could also offer information on the red flags they should have spotted in your phishing email. However, if you'd prefer not to raise suspicion and simply measure the numbers, you can direct users to a blank 404 page instead.

Download your phishing test results

View your phishing email test results and download a PDF with your Click-Prone percentage and additional information charts. These are displayed in an easy-to-understand format and are perfect for sharing with management.

Compare your results

Compare your organisation’s Click-Prone® phishing test results with other industry peers who have already undergone security awareness training.

Take your free Click-Prone® Phishing Email Test today and be the first to know how secure your organisation is.

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