Data Breaches

Data Breach Causes & Prevention

Over 90% of data breaches are caused by a phishing email*

Human Firewall

With effective and engaging security awareness training, your colleagues can become a powerful cyber defence.

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Data Breach

Today, a data breach is more likely to be caused by phishing then any other type of cyber attack¹. And that’s despite organisation spending more on technology solutions than ever before, often with the equipment remaining on the shelf or only partially configured.

So far, additional spending has done little to reduce phishing risk. Why?

Because the bad guys are often staying one step ahead of the purely technological solutions and targeting the weakest link in the chain, that’s your users.


Time-again a data breach occurs through human error with the wave of information leakage and the subsequent law-suits and regulatory fines gaining ever more momentum. 

Awareness, behaviour and culture

By using our fully customisable and organisational specific material and content, your users will be more engaged than ever before which is critical to an effective human firewall strategy.  Once that engagement is achieved and the positive culture shift starts, you can be confident your organisation is a more secure environment than ever before.

Amazingly Cost-effective

One of the first, cheapest and most effective solutions is to use Phishing Tackle to start the process of engaging, educating and increasing awareness of cyber and information threats by using our easy-too-use and incredibly effective platform.

Tailored phishing prevention support addresses genuine risks and demonstrably reducing overall cyber risk.

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World's Largest Data Breaches

Search and filter through a visualised interactive map of the latest data breaches from around the world.

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Data Breach Investigations Report

The DBIR reveals what’s really happening in cyber security featuring analysis of over 157,000+ incidents.


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