Policy Management

Become more agile with Phishing Tackle’s centralised policy management and distribution module.

Phishing Tackle Mascot Clicking "Accept" on a policy


How can your users be expected to adhere to policies they don’t even know about?

Organisational polices are key to achieving compliance requirements, but managing them and keeping them current via emails, cloud storage and networked folders can cause huge problems. 

Forget all that.

Phishing Tackle’s cloud-based centralised policy management and deployment system gives you immediate access and control over exactly what policies your users are subject to.

Empower your policies

Simplify, strengthen and centralise the management lifecycle of your organisational policies with Phishing Tackle.

Policies are critical to an organisation’s health and well-being, but suffering through a quagmire of outdated, unchecked and isolated policies can be an administrator’s nightmare and an organisation’s downfall.

With Phishing Tackle’s cloud-based policy management suite, you can quickly and easily manage, distribute and update your organisational policies at the click of a button.

Simplify Compliance

Regulatory agencies require documentation of key organisational policies and many agencies consider them to be unimplemented without immediate proof of user adherence. Phishing Tackle allows your published documents to be easily and automatically distributed to the correct users, recording user acknowledgement and understanding, enabling full compliance and accountability.

Distribute Policies With SAT

Security Awareness Training should include an understanding of your key organisational policies. Phishing Tackle allows you to include policies within distributed training courses and monitor user acknowledgement from within each course.

Target Specific User Groups

Some policies are only for specific users or groups, distribute your policies to exactly the right people at the click of a button.

Instantly View Policy Versions

Up to date policies and procedures are the backbone of consistent workflow within an organisation. See at a glance which version of a policy you are distributing, and ensure your users are acknowledging the most recent version.

Lower Your Organisation's Risk

Users' awareness and understanding of organisational policies strengthens your human firewall and mitigates your organisation's risk. Being able to see at a glance which users are aware of their applicable policies saves you time and uncertainty.

Increase User Responsibility

When users actively engage in learning organisational policies, they willingly take on the responsibility required to operate more efficiently. This balances compliance and regulatory responsibility between administrators and end-users.