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Poorly defended UK university research that is mainly commissioned by government is a top target for hackers, putting national security at risk.

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Lancaster University has been subject to a sophisticated and malicious phishing attack which has resulted in breaches of student and applicant data. The matter was reported to law enforcement agencies and we are working closely with them.

A Treasure Trove of Research

24% of UK universities believe their security and defence research may have already been infiltrated, while 53% say a cyber attack on their institution has led to research ending up in foreign hands.

The higher education sector in the UK has long been a target for cyber criminals, tempted by the world-leading academic research that universities produce in sensitive areas such as medical and defence.

Alarming Statistics

A recent study also found over 50% of UK universities with research programmes said they were struggling to keep research data safe, with hackers exploiting a lack of IT security investment to target scientific (54%), medical (50%), economic (37%) and defence (33%) research.

In light of this, and the threat research programmes are under, 10% of 75 senior university IT leaders polled by Vanson Bourne research “strongly agree” that a successful attack could have a harmful impact on the lives of UK citizens.

Call to Action

As the cyber threat evolves, and attacks become more sophisticated, it is imperative that universities invest heavily in their cyber defences and protect the professional and personal data of the 2.5 million students and staff learning and working in universities across the UK.

Despite a clear understanding among practitioners of the financial consequences of a successful breach, investment levels remain relatively low. Universities must invest in defensive measures, adapt to the ever-changing cyber threat and ensure that the profitability of their academic research remains protected.

Budget Constraints

This is sometimes difficult to achieve with budget constraints surrounding cyber security spending, and this is one of the reasons Phishing Tackle’s commercial model is so attractive to the educational sector. 

We understand the limited financial and human resources available to many within the education sector and are committed to providing a cost-effective solution to enhance your cyber security and help protect your valuable data.

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