Coronavirus – provide new training and compliance material free to customers

Phishing Tackle expands its training and policy material to include coronavirus safety advice and also cyber-safety tips if you need to work from home.

As part of Phishing Tackle‘s commitment to helping organisations’ security, we now provide video and policy-based content surrounding the outbreak of coronavirus.  This helps with employer’s duty-of-care responsibilities.

The video, a sample of which is below, contains information regarding safety measures that organisations can take to reduce the spread of the deadly virus.

Coronavirus advice video by Phishing Tackle
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Sample of coronavirus video

The documents are available in PDF format within the Phishing Tackle Policy Manager, and contain official information from global health organisations including. These can be distributed to your workforce with associated tracking of read acceptance:

  • Public Health England (PHE)
  • The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • The World Health Organization (WHO)
  • And many more
Phishing Tackle's policy manager with coronavirus information PDFs

All available documents and videos are available for immediate distribution to the employees of our customers, and we offer a no-obligation 14 day free trial for any new organisations. This, we hope, will empower all organisations to distribute the necessary information among their staff so we can all stay a little safer and help reduce the spread of this new epidemic.


For more information on our policy management system, and how you can distribute this information to your users, see our Knowledge Base article here:

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