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Lolek Bulletproof Hosting Provider Taken Down By US Law Enforcement

Lolek used by the bulletproof hosting provider, has been taken down by US authorities. Additionally, they have brought charges against the suspected owner of this service.

Lolek Hosted served as a reliable hosting service provider that was used to spread ransomware, execute DDoS attacks, and deploy information-stealing malware. Additionally, it managed the administration of botnet servers, fake online shops, and spam marketing on a worldwide scale.

Lolek Hosted was taken down because of an international law enforcement investigation, and five administrators were arrested by Polish police.

The hackers behind ransomware hosting activity have been found and charged in a federal court. This service allegedly allowed attackers to demand over 5,000 bitcoins in ransom from several victims.

Artur Karol Grabowski registered the name LolekHosted.net in 2014. He is a 36-year-old Polish national who allegedly ran the web hosting service.

According to Florida prosecutors, Lolek Hosted, which Artur Grabowski managed for a decade, positioned itself as an administrative centre for “You can host anything here!”. Attackers used this service to spread ransomware, affecting over 400 networks globally. Ransomware attacks often encrypt and lock an organisation’s computer data until the victim pays a ransom.

The servers hosted by Lolek were used to launch about 50 NetWalker ransomware attacks targeting victims all over the world, according to court-presented data. These servers served as middlemen, storing both hacking resources and victim information.

Grabowski and his accomplices are accused of refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, protecting criminal groups, and making significant profits. Computer and wire fraud, as well as conspiracy to support international money laundering, are among the charges.

Authorities claim that those responsible for the NetWalker ransomware have collected approximately £146 million in bitcoin as extortion payments. If found guilty, Grabowski may get a sentence of up to 45 years in jail and be required to return £16.8 million.

Federal prosecutors are working harder to prevent ransomware attacks. The Justice Department created a dedicated branch earlier this year to tackle the vulnerabilities to national security posed by cyberattacks.

It’s important to give security measures top priority to prevent falling victim to ransomware attacks. Use strong security software, update your programme frequently, and warn users about the risks of phishing. Control access, segment networks, and maintain offline backups. Create a comprehensive incident response strategy and keep up with new risks. Engage with cybersecurity professionals to ensure a comprehensive defense strategy.

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