Tamara Ecclestone's House

Tamara Ecclestone burgled for £50m of jewellery

Tamara Ecclestone, model, business owner, and daughter of multi-billionaire F1-magnate Bernie Ecclestone has been robbed of over £50 million of jewellery.

Making headlines across the UK’s most popular newspapers, the jewellery theft from Tamara Ecclestone’s £70 million London mansion may have been caused by a lapse in cyber awareness.

The 57 room house is Situated in the famous Kensington Palace Gardens, the Crown Estate-owned private road that boasts an average house price of £37 million. The road, guarded at both ends, has garnered the title of “Most exclusive address” by estate agent Knight Frank and is one of four neighbourhoods affectionately referred to as “Billionaires’ Row” across the world.

Though apparently guarded at all times, the thieves managed to sneak past security and spend a full 50 minutes searching for, and successfully stealing, “every piece of jewellery” in the house. At a total value of £50 million, 71% of the entire house, the family is understandably less than pleased with their loss.

While rumours are already surfacing of an inside job, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

What has been revealed is a lack of cyber awareness that is unfortunately all-too-common in this modern age. Just before leaving for a Christmas getaway to Lapland with their 5 year old daughter, Ms Ecclestone published the following image:

Tamara Ecclestone's daughter and dog boarding a private jet

To many of her Instagram followers, this signifies the beginning of an exciting luxury family holiday. But to those with nefarious intentions it says one thing: “We’re not home.”

In an age where leaving a sign on a luxury home saying “nobody’s home” would be considered lunacy, it is still common practise to send an image conveying the same message to strangers online, in this case, 447,000 of them!

This is one of the core concepts of Security Awareness Training, keeping a security-first mindset. By keeping cyber security top of mind, incidents like this, which can be easily translated into a workplace disaster, are significantly less likely to occur.

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