Group of people watching TV with Phishing Tackle's "See it?" commercial playing launches new “See it?” TV commercial releases its new “See it?” TV commercial, to be aired immediately, and we’re very excited.

It’s an exciting day for everyone at as our latest TV commercial goes live to audiences nationwide.

The commercial, which we’re jolly happy with, can be seen on TV and on our YouTube channel, displayed below:

YouTube link:

The commercial begins with a simple statement, originally attributed to Henry Ford, however it is entirely pertinent to security awareness training and modern phishing awareness:

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay.”

There is no commercially available security hardware that can block 100% of phishing attacks. That being the case, employee training is paramount, especially since the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown, which saw hackers increase their phishing efforts by over 600%.

It is not a case of if a phishing email arrives but rather when. When it does, the entire safety of your organisation rests in the recipient’s ability to spot such a threat.

We at hope this message is transmitted to our viewers and readers, and urge you all to look to raise the cyber awareness levels of your employees and relatives as a matter of urgency.

To this end we have plenty of free tools available which can help you best direct your efforts in increasing awareness. One of our most popular tools is the Free Click-Prone® Test, which reveals how many of your users are susceptible to a modern phishing attack.

2020 has already proved to be a very challenging year for organisations and individuals alike. Don’t let the bad guys make it even worse.

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