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Mimecast email security hacked

In a recent urgent announcement, cloud-based email security specialist Mimecast reported that their email products have been hijacked by a hacker who is using them to “spy on its customers”.

A “sophisticated threat actor” jeopardized the certificate in place to secure connections between Microsoft’s cloud services and its products. Microsoft investigators alerted Mimecast about this attack early this week.

“Our investigation is ongoing and we don’t have anything additional to share at this time,”

Laura Barnes – Spokeswoman, Mimecast

Though this attack affected roughly 3,600 of their users, fewer than 10 customers were specifically targeted, according to Mimecast.

According to several US intelligence agencies and various news outlets, Russia is the perpetrator of this attack, adding to their recent portfolio of attacks, the most notable of which is the recent SolarWinds hack, which compromised nearly 18,000 US government agencies and businesses.

This SolarWinds hack is reportedly “one of the most ambitious cyber-espionage campaigns ever uncovered.”

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