Hackney coat of arms with "HACKED" written across it and the word "Continued" underneath

Hackney Council continues degraded service more than four weeks after serious cyber attack

About a month ago, we published this article, detailing a cyber attack on Hackney council. Unfortunately, the situation has still not been resolved.

Panic has spread across the London borough, with many asking as to why the situation is still yet to have reached a conclusion.

As well as many core services still being available, the industry that seems to be taking the brunt of the hardship is the local housing market. Estate agents are furious that property sales have been frozen, meaning Hackney council is “no longer able to offer land searches”.

Estate agents, as well as buyers and vendors are concerned that they will miss the stamp duty deadline, and hundreds of properties are thought to be trapped by the hold up.

Despite the council being attacked more than 4 weeks ago, council representatives are still unable to give an answer on when their services will be back again, though both the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and National Crime Agency are involved.

At the time of writing, the council is displaying this page to provide details on the services available during this trying time.

This demonstrates the huge threat that cyber attacks pose to all types of organisations, and with the vast majority of cyber attacks beginning with a spear phishing attack, organisations must be prepared to deal with these threats.

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