Multitasking man in suit unaware that hacker is stealing a confidential file (with a fishing rod)

Businesses are still ill prepared for phishing attacks, government survey shows

According to a recent UK government survey, phishing remains the number one cybersecurity threat that businesses face, but despite this, most businesses are still unprepared to tackle the risk.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 found that 80% of businesses are not running mock phishing campaigns to train and raise staff awareness on the issue, 57% have not taken out insurance for cyber crime in the last year, and only 25% have cyber insurance policies that cover homeworking.

This paints a bleak picture with most businesses still operating on a backfoot when it comes to cybersecurity. The pandemic has been a catalyst for organisations to review their post covid working practices, permanently changing traditional office working.

Four fifths of businesses do not have policies in place covering the use of personal devices for work purposes according to the survey. As we slowly come out of the health crisis and blended working practices become more commonplace, it is essential for organisations to be one step ahead of cyber criminals.

Staff should be regularly trained on how to recognise and respond to a suspected cyber-attack, whether working from home or in the office.

Implementing robust cybersecurity measures across the workforce is as critical, and of immediate importance, as preparing for a covid safe return to the office.

Kingsley Hayes – Head of Data Breach, Keller Lenkner UK

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