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Almost half US companies don’t offer regular Security Awareness Training

A recent US survey by GetApp found that almost half of the companies included offered no regular Security Awareness Training (SAT).

The business software reviewer collated responses from over 700 US companies and found that 43% of them offered no regular data security training for their staff.

A shocking 8% of them reported to have never received any cyber security training of any kind.

The survey also went on to say that 27% of responding businesses offered social engineering awareness training.

Just 27%.

These figures are nothing short of abysmal.

Small businesses remain the primary target for malicious actors, taking 43% of all cyber attacks. Consider for a moment that significantly more than half (60%) of small businesses hit by a cyber attack are out of business within six months of the attack.

These figures need to change.

Our Security Awareness Training is still one of the most affordable methods to reduce an organisation’s cyber threat surface and yet these statistics go to show it is still far too low on their priorities.

With over 3.4 billion phishing emails sent each day, and 90% of successful data breaches being started by a phishing attack, the cost of SAT should be factored into all organisations’ security budgets. Especially when you consider that SAT can reduce an organisation’s susceptibility to phishing emails by up to 90%

At Phishing Tackle, we believe SAT should not cost the earth, check out our cost calculator to see how affordable we really are.

Stay safe.

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