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Sensitive information stolen from over 700 million LinkedIn accounts up for sale on the dark web

Data stolen from 700 million LinkedIn accounts is reportedly available to buy on the dark web, according to PrivacySharks. This followed a major breach earlier this year, which now leaves many people susceptible to identity theft, phishing attacks, and many other cyber security related issues.

According to RestorePrivacy, a hacker reportedly advertised the sensitive information of these stolen LinkedIn accounts for sale. The same hacker posted a sample of 1 million accounts to prove their authenticity.

The following information was reportedly stolen:

Email Addresses

Full names

Phone numbers

Physical addresses

Geolocation records

LinkedIn username and profile URL

Personal and professional experience/background


Other social media accounts and usernames

This data was cross check and analysed, revealing that the data was accurate and up to date, with samples from 2020-21

LinkedIn has a total of 756 million active accounts, meaning the data breach affects 92% of its members.

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