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Phishing Tackle Partner Program

Our Partner Program makes it simple to work together. Our security awareness trainingsimulated phishing and policy management platform is easy to sell, manage, and are complementary to any security stack, providing you with excellent support and offering competitive discounts.

The Phishing Tackle Partner Program is designed to provide you with the tools and information needed to successfully sell Phishing Tackle, and help your customers manage the issues of social engineering, phishing and ransomware attacks.

Phishing Tackle Partner Program

Why Partner with Phishing Tackle

  • Cost-effective : Our pricing and commercial offering is the most flexible and affordable solution in the world. This allows for high profitability when partnered with your managed services.
  • Recurring revenue growth: Create additional recurring revenue sales by cross-selling, up-selling and renewal opportunities into your existing customer base.
  • Easy: Offer products that are easy to understand and support.

Helping you Succeed

  • Our partner program is free to join, there are no fees and no purchase requirements.
  • Leverage your existing client base to develop additional, recurring revenue streams.
  • Benefit from dedicated support, including live chat.
  • Retain full control over the sales process, and over all communication with your opportunities and customers.
  • Launch the service quickly, at little expense and with low risk, using our cloud-based infrastructure.
  • All organisations need security awareness training and we can help you be part of this rapidly growing market.
  • Partner portal so you can easily manage your customers all in one place.

Become a Partner

The PhishingTackle Partner Program supports a network of Solution Providers, MSPs and MSSPs. Phishing Tackle offer pre and post sales support as well as technical support when you need it.

Whether you’re looking to add a new service to your existing product portfolio, or would like to differentiate yourself from the rest, contact us to discuss options.

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