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15th August 2022

The Current Phishing Marketplace

Over 90%

Over 90% of all data breaches are caused by an end-user clicking on a phishing email.


Phishing attacks continue to increase year-on-year with no sign of abating.

The Need for S.A.T.

All organisations need S.A.T but, for many, previous quotes made it impossible to get budget signed off.


Templates and training used by other platforms are inflexible, rigid and unsuitable for many audiences.


Who are Phishing Tackle


Experienced team with technology and security backgrounds, CEO 30 has over years of IT experience.

Great Customer Experience

Customer Service is our absolute priority from sales to support – lightening response!

Full Strategy

A full Security Awareness Training strategy with ever-growing content and features.

British Content

Hundreds of flexible templates and short and concise British training modules.

Helping You

If you're suffering from stretched resources, we can help by providing a fully managed service.

Managed Service
4 slides describing the phishing tackle managed service
Managed Service Features
Table of Phishing Tackle service features
Best Practice

Phishing Tackle Best Practice

Baseline Test

Click-Prone® % used as a barometer to see Return-on-investment (ROI) within months


Conduct induction training

Phish Users

Send simulated phishing campaigns using randomised templates

Train Failures

Targeted training for those that failed, and routine training for the rest.

Keep Assessing & Training

Automatically repeat the process to ensure vigilance stays high which helps with a cyber-aware culture.

Desired Outcome

Return on Investment


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